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One Cocoa London is the ultimate luxury chocolate gifting experience – we aim to be the leading luxury gifting chocolatier in the world. We provide the ultimate personalised luxury chocolate gifting experience and take pride in doing so. We have spent the last couple of years creating magical and inspiring flavors which not only look good but taste just as amazing. Our handmade chocolates have been carefully tailored for each one of our bespoke collections, enabling the ultimate gifting experience. Read more

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We promise that you will love the flavours as much as we have created them.
Each one of our collections tells its own story, with its history rooted in the up-market towns of London.

One Cocoa London

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A beautifully designed and unique bottle box, perfect for any gifting occasion. 

The exquisite taste of our chocolates will leave you wanting more.

Raise a toast with this non alcoholic lavish blend of sparkling apple juice and 24 carat edible flakes of gold, served with our best selection of chocolates. 

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25 Piece Soho Chocolate Box
25 Piece Soho Chocolate Box

One Cocoa London The 25 Piece Soho Signature Chocolate Gift Box

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The 25 Piece Soho Signature Box is a luxury chocolate gift box that is sure to delight any chocolate lover. This exquisite collection contains 25 pieces of artisanal chocolate, each one carefully crafted and sourced from some of the world's finest chocolatiers.

Every piece in this box offers a unique flavour combination, expertly blended to create a taste sensation that will tantalize your taste buds. From the first bite to the last, these chocolates promise a gourmet experience that will leave you wanting more.